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Wheel Restore is a Danish producer of state of the art, game chancing High Quality Diamond Cut wheel machines, wheel blasting machines and automatic powder coating machines. All products are made in high quality constructions, built with 100% Danish, easy to use photo guided – step by step software and have 100% CE safety compliance.


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Give us a call at 855-44wheel (449-4335)

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With the constant pressure to do more with less, you need solutions that deliver precision and efficiency at every step of your wheel repair process. That’s why we’ve been deeply committed, to manufacturing a solution which offers products that meet the highest industry standards. We have developed an extensive system of product testing and quality control, underpinned by some of the toughest health, safety and sustainability regulations in the industry.

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Manufactured as a light-weight machine


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More than 1.2 billion passenger cars travel the road. That’s 4.8 billion wheels. Approx. 150 million of these wheels suffer from curve or other cosmetic damages. With a complete solution from Wheelrestore gives the chance to tap into another market.The number of structural damages is decreasing, because the automotive industry is rapidly introducing technology that helps avoid accidents. Everything from self parking to lane assist.