Diamond Cut Wheel Machine / Installation / Transport / Training / Service Package

Rental & Financing

Don’t tie up precious capital in equipment that loses value. Instead, safeguard your liquidity by renting your DIAMOND CUT WHEEL MACHINE.

Our attractive rental terms protect your capital and give you greater leverage and leeway when it comes to credit lines with banks and suppliers. The capital cost is spread across the leased item’s entire service life. Gone are the days of buying equipment outright before it has begun to pay its way.

Our DIAMOND CUT WHEEL MACHINE local leasing partners offers you even more. With our trade-up option, you can replace your leased items with newer technology within the term of contract — without necessarily increasing your leasing payments.

We are partnered with several banks and equipment finance companies that can provide leasing and financing to qualified buyers.

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Installation / Transport / Training / Service Package

Worldwide Service

All deliveries including our Diamound Cut Wheel Machine, can be shipped worldwide with air freight.