The smarter way to repair diamond cut alloy wheels

Diamond Cut Machine // WR-DCM3

The latest technology for diamond cut alloy wheels.

The WR-DCM3 from Wheel Restore

The WR-DC3 has been designed from the ground up to be a refinishing machine for alloy wheels – to produce a great finish of the same standard as larger CNC lathe machines while being faster and smaller. Leaving you with more workshop space and better turnaround time.

The fully automated Diamond Cut Repair Machine provides you with the highest quality finish and the quickest turnaround time available.

The majority of new cars are supplied with alloy wheels as standard and the different designs available are increasing. Creating a growing market and demand for diamond cut wheel repairs.

Simple Intuitive


At the core of the Alloy Wheel Repair Machine is a tailor-made piece of software designed and engineered in Denmark. Clearly visualizing each step of the repair procedure on the touch screen interface. Our software is 100% designed for alloy repair.

repair process
Start taskProbingMillingFinish task


During a cut, you can now set the machine to make up to 3 cuts without the operator needing to be present. This allows the operator to work on something else while cutting a rim.

Auto position

The machine can be calibrated so that it knows the distance from the laser to the cutting tool. This gives a faster, more accurate result every time.

Diagnostics screen

Provides an overview of the machine. Checking that all sensors, laser, buttons, and software work as they should. This also helps in better support and troubleshooting.

Quick settings

3 easy modes with pre-defined settings, tool cut depth, feed rate, and RPM. Making it faster and easier to cut a rim while not having to remember the different settings yourself.

✓   Restores diamond cut wheels < 30”
✓   12“ touch panel display
✓   Wheel profile storage – wheel library
✓   Automated laser probing
✓   Fully CE compliant

Repair a rim

with or without tire

The WR-DCM3 machine is quite unique in the market as it is capable of handling wheels with or without tires. Not having to remove the tire first saves the garages and technicians valuable time better used elsewhere. Summer and winter tires can be repaired in connection with storage and the garage can make the repairs in less busy periods.

Wheel Restore App

With our new Wheel Restore app, you can easily document the repair process. After each rim, the machine will generate a unique QR code, that when scanned with the Wheel Restore App will save all key information. How much material has been removed, when was it made, and by whom? This can be printed on a label and applied to the rim for future operators.

✓   Send the wheel repair details by email
✓   Print the repair details on a sticker
✓   Laser print the QR code on the wheel
✓   Store the data in a database

Radius Tool

Some rims have a rounding on the outer edge. This can be done by the machine. Using the radius tool, you can obtain the radius of the rim and set the machine to make it.

Perfect for mobile workshops

The WR-DCM3 Diamond Cut Machine has been designed with versatility in mind. Its compact yet sturdy design allows it to be easily installed in the back of a van or truck and forming part of a mobile repair service.

Measuring 990 x 1020 x 1800 mm and weighing just 450 kg; allows for the machine to be installed in a standard high van. The machine runs off a single-phase socket and advanced noise reduction guarantees ultra-quiet operation, eliminating most restrictions when choosing where to park/operate.


Electronic Spindle Brake

Waiting times can be both annoying wasteful in the repair process. After deburring or the cutting pass is finished it can take up to 20 seconds before the wheel is static and the door can be opened. Doing 3-4 passes means a waiting time of more than one minute per wheel. Having this break might save you ~15-20 minutes per day or in other words; repairing one wheel per day more! Installation is easy using the included manual.

Support and Guidance

SAS Platform

Service and support portal, with user manuals, training videos, repair cards, scheduled updates, and a ticket system for quick support.  From quick to complex questions, our online support platform helps you resolve issues and avoid unnecessary downtime.

Specfications / WR-DCM3

X axis travel  655 mm
Z axis travel  350 mm
Max wheel diameter  30’’
Power Supply  230 / 110V 16Amps
Length  990 (1405)
Width   1020 (1100)
Height  1690 (1800) mm
Weight  450 kg
Wheel size capabilty < 30”
touch panel display 12“

Light enough to be installed in the back of a van
Runs off a single-phase socket allowing it to be fully portable
Machine is movable with a standard pallet jack.

Faster operation. 15 min. per wheel
Laser Probing for precise, fast wheel shape analysis.
Ultra-quiet operation. Low noise level.