Diamond Cut Machine // WR-DCM3

The latest technology for diamond cut alloy wheels.

The WR-DCM3 from Wheel Restore

The WR-DC3 has been designed from the ground up to be a refinishing machine for alloy wheels – to produce a great finish of the same standard as larger CNC lathe machines while being faster and smaller. Leaving you with more workshop space and better turnaround time.

The majority of new cars come with alloy wheels as standard and the different designs available are increasing. With this growing market there is more and more demand for diamond cut wheel repairs. 

Diamond cut is an alloy wheel which has been put on a lathe and part of or the entire painted surface of the wheel machined off to leave a shiny alloy finish. A small part of the actual alloy is machined off to create this finish. It is then lacquered over to prevent corrosion.

Simple Intuitive Interface


Simple Intuitive Interface  //  At the core of the Alloy Wheel Repair Machine is a tailor-made piece of software designed and engineered in Denmark. The software clearly visualizes each step of the repair procedure on the touch screen interface.

Our interface is 100% designed for alloy repair. Equivalent machines are often converted CNC lathes. Leaving workshops with a larger than necessary installation with basic and often complicated user software.

repair process
Starting taskProbing wheelMilling wheelFinishing task

✓   Restores diamond cut wheels < 30”
✓   Digital optimisation software package
✓   Touchscreen controller
✓   Wheel profile storage – wheel library
✓   Automated laser probing
✓   Fully CE compliant

Repair a wheel without removing the tyre // The WR-DCM3 machine is quite unique in the market as it is capable of handling wheels with or without tyres. Not having to remove the tyre first saves the garages and technicians valuable time better used elsewhere. Summer and winter tyres can be repaired in connection with storage. The garage can be even more time efficient while making the repair in periods with less work.

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X axis travel655 mm
Z axis travel 350 mm
Max wheel diameter30’’
Max. process diameter wheel815 mm
Power Supply230 / 110V 16Amps
Dimensions (L x W x H)1090 x 1190 x 1900 mm
Packing Dimensions (L x W x H)1900 x 1200 x 1500 mm
Weight450 kg